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About Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre For Elderly

With advancing age especially if ill-health prevails, the elderly will gradually lose their independence and require the attention of family member and care-givers. The availability of appropriate services for both the elderly and their care-givers will help to prevent the breakdown of this framework of support.


Goals & Objectives:

With this in mind, the Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre For Elderly (ADRC) was set up. ADRC is a Community Project of the Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore assisted by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. The goals and objectives are: 

  • To provide supportive day care to the semi-dependent elderly who would otherwise remain alone at home;
  • To provide rehabilitative follow-up in the form of therapeutic exercises for those elderly discharged from hospital and who require such follow-up;
  • To provide simple nursing care to those elderly in need of such services;
  • To provide awareness and encourage training for persons involved in the care of the elderly in the area of day care.


Philosophy of Care:

  • Treat all clients with respect and dignity at all times
  • Always be loving, compassionate and patient;
  • Provide day care and rehabilitation services which are of good standards and care
  • Provide a happy, caring, stable, safe and supportive environment
  • Help clients discover meaningful experiences in a comfortable environment. 


Background of our elderly:

Many are physically disabled and have some form of debilitating conditions, examples

  • Stroke;
  • Parkinson Disease;
  • Dementia;
  • Muscular & Joint Problems;
  • Aging process.


Chairty Status: 

ADRC is a Voluntary Welfare Organization with IPC (Institute of Public Character) status. The centre supports itself through donations from philanthropists, corporations and members of the public, and subventions from the Ministry of Health. All donations $50 and above (except donations in kind) to the centre are tax exempted.

The centre is opened to Singaporeans aged 60 and above regardless of race and religion. Applicants are limited to elderly with some form of debilitating conditions or disability. The centre is opened on Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 am. to 5.30 pm. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 

ROS/RCB Regn. No: 0165/1989 WEL
Charity No: 0084