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The elderly clients at Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre For Elderly (ADRC) have been requesting to go on a picnic. Their wish materialized on Tuesday, 12 June 2018.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 was a lovely day with fine weather. Thirty-four volunteers took 29 elderly clients of ADRC on a picnic at the East Coast Park C2. The elderly were excited and delighted seeing the sea and giggled when the wind brushed against their faces.

The volunteers broke the ice by engaging the elderly in singing local songs like Burong Kaka Dua and Di Tanjong Katong. A volunteer serenaded the elderly with a popular Teng Li-Ching’s song. Moving in with the tandem, the elderly played Passing Ball and took part in a relay with umbrellas. They were elated to receive prizes when they participated.

They participated in a Memory Game too. They were asked to name their fellow colleagues. It was a hilarious game when the elderly themselves gave names (not their real names) to their friends. This game was targeted at their cognitive skills.

All elderly and volunteers were treated to a sumptuous packed meal comprising fried rice, chicken cutlet dipped in sauce, mixed vegetables, fruit and drink. The finale of the event was an ice-cream treat that all enjoyed.

To the volunteers, it was a DAY WELL SPENT to see the happiness and joy in the elderly. 

Volunteers brought their children also to mingle with the elderly. We appreciate and thanked all volunteers for taking time off to bring Cheers to our elderly.