Boleh Jalan Bagus!


Many of the elderly at our Centre were very concerned for our Centre Manager, Sr Marjorie, when she injured her leg. Seeing her on a wheelchair brought out their compassion in many ways.



image3One of our 91 year old madam showed her relief to see Sr Marjorie on her feet again. She wanted to paint for her to express her happiness. She asked to paint flowers. As her hands were not as supple, she made much effort in making the artwork. Every petal was drawn with great determination to make it look as good as it could be. As her grip of a fine brush was a challenge, two brushes were taped together to provide a better thickness for a good enough hold. She filled the art paper with big and small flowers, managing finer strokes and overcoming the inflexibility that obstructed her. She completed anartwork filled with deep sincerity and full of love. She presented to Sr Marjorie with tears welled up her eyes and struggling to say, “Boleh Jalan, bagus!”