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Day Care Services


Day Care

Day Care comprises full-day programs commencing at 8 am. and ends at 5.30 pm daily. The program for each day is different and the activities are geared towards promoting physical and psychological health in elderly.


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy was introduced due to a demand from elderly with swallowing difficulties and speech problems.


Counselling & Befriending

Counselling is given to clients who have anxiety problems, relationship difficulties, financial and social difficulties. Counsellors and befrienders and volunteers are assigned to assist to solve their difficulties where feasible. 


Meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Tea

Meals are provided to clients in Day Care. Breakfast is provided from 8 am. to 10.00 am and lunch is served at 11am. Tea break is at 2.30pm.

Day Care Activities (Click on the images to see more)

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